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ISO 3166-1 Country Codes   Alpha-2: US   Alpha-3: USA   Numeric-3: 840            FIPS 10-4 Country Code:   US            Flag    

ISO 639-1, 2 or 3 Language Codes: en   Languages: English      

ISO 3166-1 Official Country Short Names       

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Short)
English:United StatesUnited States
Spanish:Estados Unidos de América

UNGEGN Short and Formal Country Names       

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Formal)
English:United States of America (the)the United States of America
French:États-Unis d'Amérique (les)les États-Unis d'Amérique
Spanish:Estados Unidos de América (los)los Estados Unidos de América
Russian:Соединенные Штаты АмерикиСоединенные Штаты Америки
Local:United States of Americathe United States of America

FAO Short and Offical Country Names       

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Short)Proper (Official)
Italian:Stati Uniti d'AmericaStati Uniti d'AmericaStati Uniti d'America

US BGN Approved Country Names              

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Short)Proper (Long)
English:United StatesUnited StatesUnited States of America
Local:United StatesUnited States of America

UK PCGN Short and Formal Country Names       

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Short)Proper (Long)
English:United StatesUnited StatesUnited States of America

EKI Short and Official Country Names       

Gazetteer (Short)Proper (Official)
Estonian:Ameerika ÜhendriigidAmeerika Ühendriigid

Conventional Abbrevation: USA

ISO 3166-1 Region Code: 19   Sub-Region Code: 21          Continent: NA  Sub-Continent:

Land Mass: 9161966 km2       

Coord:   38, -97          Latitude   Min:   5.87   Max:   71.39   Longitude   Min:   -180   Max:   -66.9       

same continent

Population: 313847465 (2012)       

US BGN Nationality (Demonym)   Noun: American(s)  Adjective: American      

Primary Postal Code   Length: 5  Format: [0-9]+  Secondary Postal Code   Length: 4  Format: [0-9]+      

ITU E.164 Telephone Calling Code:       UN International Vehicle Code: USA      

UNGEGN Country Capital Names  Coord: 38.82, -76.91      
English:Washington, D.C. French:Washington, D.C.
Spanish:Washington, D.C. Russian:Вашингтон
Local:Washington, D.C.

US BGN Country Capital Name       38.8833333333, -77.0333333333      
English:Washington, D.C.

EKI Country Capital Name       
Estonian: Washington

Administrative Divisions: State, District, Territory   No. of Administrative Divisions: 60

International Standards Organization
US Board on Geographic Names
United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names
UK Permanent Committee on Geographic Names
United Nations Food and Argriculture Organization
US Federal Information Processing System
The International Teleccmmunication Union

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Citation Notes:
68. FAO coordinates for min/max latitude/longitude are incorrect. Hand corrected.
69. FAO min/max latitude/longitude of country includes territorial islands.
83. Correct value for min longitude is 179.78. Was changed to -180 for purpose of matching value within bounding box.